Household Dua'a Pack - Digital Download (Single Colour Set)

Household Dua'a Pack - Digital Download (Single Colour Set)


Immediate download for a beautiful set of dua’a cards that you can save and print as many times as you would like, and to your desired size. Digital download sets can be ordered as a 1 colour pack (9 dua’a cards of the same colour), or the full set (36 cards of the 9 duaa’s in each colour), so you can mix and match your prints or change them as you like. The duaa’s included are as follows:

  • Dua’a for entering the toilet

  • Dua’a for leaving the toilet

  • Dua’a for entering the home

  • Dua’a for leaving the home

  • Dua’a before sleeping

  • Dua’a upon waking

  • Dua’a for knowledge

  • Dua’a for strengthened imaan

  • Dua’a for a blissful family life

Your downloads can be printed and framed, stuck straight to walls/doors, or carried around as a pack!

You can order individual packs in either green, mink, cream, or black, or the full set of all colours. This listing is for 1 COLOUR ONLY.

Please specify colour upon purchase, and your pack will be emailed to you.

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